Beating your Weight Gain Genes

The jury is in about obesity and your genetics. Studies have proven that obesity can be something that is inherited from your parents so if you’re feeling feisty you can in fact put some blame on your parents. There is some good news though. Exercise and a proper diet can still work to help to fight off these weight gain genes.

The way to figure out what will work best for you though is almost up to chance. Through trial and error you can find out what will be most effective. While we don’t have all the answers for you we do have some food for thought. If you aren’t seeing the result that you are aiming for or just want to learn some tips and tricks, look no further.


Complete workouts

When constructing your workout plan on your own make sure that you are working out your large muscle groups. Have some of your workouts be one that are total body workouts. Leave the gym on these days feeling great but tired.

Find an exercise routine that you can do almost everyday that includes both cardio and strength training. These are the key to losing fat and building muscle. If you are thinking about your usual workouts right now and realize that you are missing some of these elements, just fill in the spaces. Create your own complete workout to beat the weight gain genes.


Increase resistance

If you have a hard time building muscle and seeing results even if you are active increasing the resistance could be the answer. Start lifting weights with a shorter rest time of around 90 seconds. Perform six to 12 reps of a weight that is challenging to you. Don’t pick a weight that is overly challenging, just something that you know will push yourself. Don’t set yourself up for failure when you are trying to succeed.


Consider HIIT

High-intensity interval training can help to shape any body. Starting to incorporate these into your workout could show you some results. It’s a great way to burn fat and increase the amount that you burn after you leave the gym. HIIT is a great way to amp up any exercise routine. If you don’t want to do it everyday consider changing two or three of your daily workouts to a HIIT one instead of all of them.


Proper diet

One of the best ways to beat off the weight gain genes is to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. A diet high in grains and sugar can make it harder to lose the weight. But even if you are losing the weight, these things can make it hard to see the weight loss. These cause your body to become inflamed and to swell up. Good luck seeing your body change if it’s too bloated to be seen. Use a foam roller to help reduce inflammation in your muscles. When you are serving yourself a plate make sure that half of it is full of veggies. Eat fruits instead of sugary or processed snacks. These simple changes can help to fight off the inflammation and can help move you towards a healthier lifestyle.