Best Two Steps to Start Losing Weight

As we age we begin to accept some of the way that our bodies are changing. Hair loss, change of color, and wrinkles are all unavoidable as we age. But the increase in body fat and the growing fat pouches on certain parts of the body don’t have to be a necessary part of aging.

Losing weight at any age can be difficult. Having the motivation to lose weight in the long run can be the most difficult part of losing it. Its easy to want a thinner body, its harder to achieve. There are two fool proof ways that you can begin to lose weight though. You don’t have to do much research into it and you don’t have to commit yourself on any extreme levels.

There are more specific ways that you can use these tools to your advantage. We offer other articles that address these tips and tricks. But for those that are just looking to take those first few baby steps towards losing weight, these are the tips for you.


Get up

Going to the gym can be daunting when you first try to start losing weight. The equipment is complicated and there are always those hardcore gyms addicts there. Thankfully though, you don’t have to go to the gym if you want to start losing weight.

All you have to do is find excuses to get yourself moving a little more. These can actually be more effective then deciding to go all out at the gym. Jumping right into going to the gym five times a week when you have never gone in the past can cause you to lose momentum faster than you would otherwise.

So instead, start taking a walk everyday with your family instead. If you take your dog out, spend a longer time with them. Park further away from work or the store than you usually would.


Tackle your worst diet habits

Fad diets and yo-yo dieting rarely work in the long run. Deciding to lose weight is more than just limiting your calories. You are going to need to start making some changes so that you don’t fall back into old habits once you are done with the weight loss.

Because of this, take a look at what you usually eat over the course of a few days.

If you find that you aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables, considering adding some more in. Eat them first too so that you make sure you aren’t loading up on the foods that you don’t need as much.

If you find that you enjoy too many snacks at night, get rid of these snacks or firmly tell yourself no when those nightly cravings come around. Its the little things that make the largest differences when it comes to your diet.

Making mistakes is part of human nature. So when you make a mistake don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t let the rest of your day turn into one big mistake either. Continue on with your day or week just like you would have if you hadn’t messed up. After all there will always be days where you just NEED those sweets or that oversized pasta dish. And thats ok. Just not all the time.