Beware: Foods that Make you Bloat

Some of your favorite, healthy foods are actually working against you. Sorry to bring this bad news upon you but some of the staple things that you eat during the week are actually making you bloated. While we know that foods that cause inflammation can make you bloated, some of these are actually very surprising. If you are looking to avoid being bloated we have created a list of foods that make you bloat.



Coffee is extremely acidic which means that it upsets your stomach. Adding milk on top of that can cause you to bloat up even more than just the black coffee alone would. Once again any sugar or artificial sweeteners that you might be adding could just be adding to the bad mix. So if you want to get your daily morning dose of caffeine, you might want to turn towards a tea instead.



Eating a large salad will take up quite a bit of space in your stomach even though it is low on calories. The vegetables in your salad though also make you gassy which can make you bloated so be aware of the way your body reacts to certain vegetables and avoid the one that might cause you to bloat too much. Garlic is also known to create gas the same way that your salads do so avoid it if you notice that you are feeling bloated after eating it.


Sugar Free Gum

Now we have noticed that sugar free gum causes us to bloat but we never really knew why. Its partially because you swallow excess air while you are chewing gum. But the sugars that are in it cause your stomach to become upset which leads it to create gas which then in turn leads to bloating. These sugar alcohols can easily be identified on any label though if you still want to chew. Simply look for any ingredient that contains ‘ol’ at the end. Avoid these to avoid the bloat.



Popcorn takes up more space in your stomach then you realize. First of all, think how much you actually eat when you sit down for this kind of snack. The sheer amount that you eat alone will make you feel bloated. Just consider this the next time you sit down to eat a bag.