Butter and your Health: What you need to know for the Holidays

Not all fats are created equal. Some fats like those found in avocados or in salmon are considered good fats. While the fats that are found in butter are horrible for you, its important to keep this in mind when thinking about butter and your health. Think about this the next time that you are going for the butter or margarine.

Butter is neither a health food nor the evil that it is made out to be. The small amounts of butter that you eat during the week aren’t the problem Its the heavy consumption that comes with a lot of sweets. Especially as the holidays come up think about home many baked goods you are eating. These are usually filled with butter or other trans fats which contribute to bad cholesterol.

If you want to continue to eat your sweets in large amounts think about some replacements that you can use instead of your go to stick of butter. Olive oil can be used in the replacement of most butter and even some recipes that may call for vegetable oil. Its healthier for you and can actually work to lower your cholesterol. Some baked chocolate recipes can even replace butter with avocados. This switch can even make the brownies you are making even more creamy.


Be Smart with Butter and your Health

Like with any food the key to enjoying it without experiencing any negative effects is to consume it in moderation. Don’t be afraid to spread some on your favorite roll or to add it into your brownies. Just be sure that you aren’t eating a lot of it everyday.

To really limit your chances of developing heart disease or high cholesterol levels be smart about everything that you eat. If you are eating only a certain group of food try to branch out. Begin to incorporate other food groups into your daily meals. Cutting back on processed foods and those that are high in sugar are sure fire ways to improve your overall health.

If you need to have that butter though there are some ways to eat it that won’t affect your health too much. Of course, eat it in moderation. Consider replacing it with other more healthy fat options. And always choose butter over margarine. Margarine is a highly processed fat which can increase your risk for heart attack. It has also been found to increase the risk of the development of cardiovascular disease. Butter wasn’t found to have any effects on this.