Common Running Mistakes

These four tips can stop you from causing common running mistakes.No matter how hard we try it is easy to make mistakes. While running can seem like a pretty straightforward thing to do there are some mistakes that you could be making. These running mistakes can come between you and your goals. Simply changing these four things can make your running workout even more effective.


Don’t forget to eat

Before you head out, fix yourself a post workout snack or meal. You should be eating anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour after your workout in order to properly refuel your body. Eat something that has carbs and protein to help get your body the stuff it needs and deserves.

Keep a food journal to make sure that you are eating the correct amount as well. Overeating and under eating can both undermine any gains that you may be trying to make through your runs.


Shoe health

If you don’t pay attention to when you originally got your shoes and how much you are using them you are opening yourself up for a potential injury. Keep track of when you got your shoes and be prepared to get new ones around six months after your purchase. If it’s in the middle of training season you may need to do it sooner. Set an alarm on your phone or mark the date you got the shoes on the actual shoe.


Be loyal to your workout

Stay motivated. Do things that will keep you motivated so that you keep getting out there for you run. Setting goals and rewarding yourself for reaching them is a great way to do it. Don’t stop though when you don’t have the motivation. Make yourself get out there so that later you aren’t regretting not going.

Mixing up your workout is not only good to keep your body guessing as to what will be required of it but it can prevent you from getting bored quickly. Change up where you go running or what kind of workouts that you do.


Get some friends

it will motivate you to keep going. When you run in a group it also makes the run go by faster and easier. It’s also safer. Find a running group to go with so that they can hold you accountable for your goals as well.