Foods for Dry Skin

Dry skin is irritating to deal with and even more irritating to try and hide. It can be itchy and can make getting through the winter a hassle. While this can be due to the cold weather or the dry heat that we use to warm our homes, there are other things that work against having healthy skin.

Cleansers that are typically used work to strip the skin of its natural oils. From there though people typically use toners that take off even more natural oils and then use heavy moisturizers to help their skin not to feel so dry. This could all be avoided if you used a cleaner that didn’t take off any natural oils in the first place.

Thats not all you can do though to help to keep your skin healthy and smooth. Your diet can have a large effect on the quality of your skin. Foods that fight against inflammation like lemon can help to make your skin glow while avoiding excessive UV light is also a good idea. But there are more tips and tricks that you can also use to help to fight off dry skin. Most of these you could find in your kitchen right now.



Yes milk when applied on the skin can have a soothing affect. Soak a cloth in some and apply to any dry skin patches that are being stubborn. Mixing honey in which works to help retain moisture could also help make the milk even more effective.


Olive Oil

People who consume more olive oil than others often also have fewer signs of aging. This includes less wrinkles and less dry skin. Olive oil contains antioxidants that can help to prevent your skin from losing moisture and becoming less healthy. Consider changing some of the oils or butters in your diet to olive oil to get some of the benefits.


Green Tea

Green tea is already well known for being really good for you. Is full of antioxidants and can allow you to have a new energy boost thats better on your body than coffee. But it can also help to protect your skin from harmful UV light which dries out your skin. While drinking it can give you the benefits of helping to fight against dry skin, creams that are made with it can also be used to protect against acne and eczema.