Got the Election Blues?

Many of people after the election last week took to social media to express their feelings about who won. Even though it has been a week, thousands are still in shock over the results. Some have even taken to the streets to participate in protests over the election. Its natural though for people to have the election blues.

If you are experiencing the election blues try not too worry too much. You can still make a difference by adding your voice to other upcoming elections and can write to your congressmen. But if you need more immediate help, look no further then these easy to do steps

  1. Grieve

This election was hard hitting for many people and for many different reasons. Whatever the reason is for you to experience some election blues, accept the grieving process. Allow yourself to be sad for awhile but you’ll need to get back up and keep moving forward if you want to make a difference.

2. Look for the positive

We still have a check and balances system so everything that is done has to go through different members of the government. Even if you don’t agree with Trump, stay educated about what he wants to accomplish while in the office. From there you can begin to decide where to focus your efforts if you want to make a change.

3. Find like minded people

Fall back on friends and family after the election. Odds are they are in the same boat as you and are feeling the same things that you are. Then start to look to other people or groups of people. Get involved with these groups to begin to make a positive change towards something that you want to see accomplished.

4. Make a difference

As I mentioned above, there are ways that you can make a difference even though the president has been elected. Get involved in organizations or volunteer in areas where you know your voice will be heard. With the link minded people that you have found gather together to get your voices heard even more.