Hallucinogens and Your Health

Hallucinogens could better mental healthIn the 1970’s hallucinogens and other drugs were outlawed and were presented to the public as huge health threats. While some drugs were taken off the streets that serve no potential healing purposes, the trials that were underway that looked into the potential healing affects of hallucinogenic substances were also stopped. Now, researcher are taking another look into what these drugs could potentially do to better our mental health.

Hallucinogens use with Depression

Recently, studies have been conducted that are looking into how psilocybin affects the brain. This is one of the key ingredients in hallucinogens. Hundreds have participated in the studies and the results have been staggering.

The patients in the trials all had depression and experienced stress that was brought on from a cancer diagnosis. Nearly 80 percent of these patients saw a positive decrease in the rate of mental disorder symptoms that they experienced. Could it be possible that the drug actually helped to chase away some of the blues?

This isn’t the only drug recently that has been earning some merit from those in the health field. Ecstasy has been used for patients that are suffering from PTSD

Addiction and Hallucinogens

As if helping cancer patients wasn’t enough, hallucinogens might also serve another group of patients that are in desperate need of help. Psilocybin has been used to help treat people who suffer from alcohol, cigarette and other forms of addiction.

Time will tell what this drug will be able to do for other people. For now the success of these initial trials mean that more will be conducted that could potentially reach out and help even more patients overcome illnesses.