Losing Pregnancy Weight Gain

Fight off pregnancy weight gain!Pregnancy truly is a magical time. Your body is growing an entire other being that will grow into their own person. Its a time of great excitement where friends and family swoon over your ever growing tummy. While you expect to gain weight, sometimes the amount that you end up putting on is greater than you’d ever expect. For example you may think that your future seven pound baby would mean you only put on close to ten pounds. Not true. Expect to put on at least 25 and it can be as much as 45 pounds. This is if you are actively trying to maintain your weight gain. And that can be hard to do when you are battling cravings.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Broken Down

Thankfully though most of the weight that you put on during your pregnancy will disappear within the first few weeks of having your little creation. The only bit that will be left over is that excess fat that your body put on as reserves for your baby. Don’t worry about it either because its completely natural.

Feeling beautiful during pregnancy is easy, feeling like you look beautiful is another story. This is especially true after you have the baby. Losing the weight though is easier than you think. Don’t let anything discourage you.

Start with a walk

After having your baby, your doctor will tell you that for the next six weeks you shouldn’t be performing any exercises. Your body needs time to heal from what it just had to do. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything though. Walking can battle any pregnancy weight gain and you can begin those walks soon after you get home.

Not only is it good to help you lose weight but it can also help regain your energy levels and reduce any stress that you may be feeling postpartum.

Yoga to Combat Pregnancy Weight Gain

Prenatal yoga is one of the most beneficial things that you can do while you are pregnant. Its a gentle exercise that can keep your body strong and flexible while preparing it for labor. Yoga is also a great tool to use to combat stress and fatigue.

Postpartum yoga is an extension of the prenatal yoga practice. It is still gentle on your body so that you won’t be over working yourself so soon after labor. The best part is, you can do these workouts from home while your baby sleeps close by.

Mommy Things

The fat that you are trying so desperately to get rid of that and that your body seems to have just layered on actually has a purpose. Its meant to be a reserve to help to feed your baby after they’re born. Breastfeeding burns a large amount of calories everyday and so do your new mommy tasks.

Get things around the house done while you can as well. Household chores burn more calories than you would think and every little bit helps when you are trying to get off the extra pounds. Perform tasks around the home that you might not normally do and find ways to move your body around more than you usually would.