Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss can be difficult.Most diets fail. Most people regain the weight that they lose. Maintaining weight can actually be harder than losing the weight. One of the easiest ways to maintain weight though is to create a lifestyle change rather than just giving up on things cold turkey. In the end you will just go back to them when you are done with your diet. But there are some simple things that you can continue to do everyday that will you to in maintaining weight loss.


Keep exercising everyday

For some the exercise part of their diet and health plan is the worst thing they could possible do. Once you achieve your weight loss goals its often the first thing that you stop doing. But by exercising everyday you will be helping yourself in maintaining weight loss. You can lower the intensity or maybe even how often you work out, but don’t stop entirely. Exercise at least three times a week though. Exercise is the only way to retain the muscle mass that you have put on.


Stay low sugar and low fat

Eating the sugary snacks and fatty meals that you ate before your diet will only work against the goals that you worked so hard to achieve. The eating habits that you maintained during your diet change need to be continued afterwards in order to maintain your new body. This means that you still need to eat breakfast and watch your calories. While you don’t have to cut calories anymore, you need to make sure you aren’t overeating.


Plan your meals

Planning your meals is a great way to avoid overeating at other times of the day. It will also prevent you from eating things that you shouldn’t. If you know what you are eating later you are less likely to pick up some fast food on the way home.


Don’t forget how far you have come

Staying motivated after you have lost weight is harder to do then when you are trying to lose the weight. You have achieved your goals already and now you want to get the rewards. But your goals are the reward. Look at your before and after pictures to remind you of what you have accomplished. Try not to let yourself fall back into old destructive habits.