Natural Cold Remedies

Natural cold remedies to use the next time you're sick.Often when we begin to feel sick our first reaction is to begin to treat it. What we don’t realize sometime is that our bodies are using every natural method that it knows to help us feel better. Because of this, sometimes its better to let these symptoms run their course. Coughing helps to get the mucus out while a fever helps to kill germs that are in your system. That doesn’t mean that you have to suffer if your symptoms are persisting though. If simply curling up in bed isn’t an option you may have to turn to medication. The ingredients that are in most over the counter medications though are scary. Turning to natural cold remedies can seem very appealing in these situations. If this seems like the course of action that you want to take we have included some of the home cold remedies that we use everytime we start feeling under the weather.

For your Stuffy Nose

When your nose is stuffy and runny it can be very tempting to sniffle at it all day long. Sadly, this isn’t helping in the long run. Blow your nose often to help clear out that mucus that is trying to build up. It will prevent some of it from dripping down the back of your throat and creating that annoying tickle as well.

Think about using some warm salt water to further break up any congestion that might build up in your nose. You can either squirt it up there like a nasal spray or can use a NetiPot method which also helps to drain out some of the build up.

Enjoy some warmth

While muscling through the beginning of your cold may seem tempting, opt instead for staying where its warm. Your body won’t have to worry about warming itself up and can direct more of its energy at the infection if you allow yourself to stay warm.

Drinking hot liquids like warm water or tea is also good to help sooth a sore throat. It also helps to keep your body nice and warm! The same can be said with a hot shower. Breath in the steam to help break up the mucus and give your body some much needed relaxation.

Natural Cold Remedies can be Foods

While you wouldn’t normally think that food could help to combat your cold or flu, it can. Black and green teas are high in antioxidants which can help to fight off the illness. Add honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice to warm water to help soothe your throat and naturally fight off the bacteria.