Not Seeing Ab Results?

Ab results take time and effort to achieve.Sometimes seeing any kind of ab results can seem impossible. No matter how many sit ups you do or how clean you eat, they still refuse to show up. When this happens there are some things that you can change and add to your routine to begin to see some results.


Clean eating!

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen. But they are also made in the gym and in our everyday habits. Clean eating is super important but it’s not the only thing that you need to do in order to see some ab results.


Forget crunches

Crunches are actually one of the least effective ways that you can exercise your abs. Instead opt for doing planks. These work more muscles and required more from the core of your body. Compound movements such as squats help to work muscles that are often over looked by doing simple ab moves.



Having a good posture will actually keep your core activated all day. Not only will it help to keep these muscles strong, it makes you feel more confident and look taller. Strengthening your back can help to improve your posture so make sure that you are committing yourself to working out your back.


Build muscle

Your abs are a muscle just like the rest of the ones in your body. Slow movements instead of jerky ones and including a heavier resistance are the ways that you will need to help them to grow. Don’t just work them out one day of the week either. Workouts that include the total body are more effective. You work them more often and help to grow the muscles faster. The same applies to your abs.



High-intensity interval training exercises help to burn away the fat. If you are doing everything else but are still struggling to see some ab results you may need to consider taking up these exercises. They help to activate the whole body and can boost your metabolism for the rest of the day so you keep burning even after you leave the gym.