Paleo Diet Benefits your Heart

The paleo diet is everywhere and we will only hear more about it as the New Year gets closer. Thousands of people swear by this diet as a weight loss measure Others follow it because of the healthy foods that are involved in it. But could there be even more benefits that aren’t discussed?

The paleo diet consists of foods that would have been available to our ancestors so fruits and vegetables, fish, and nuts. Very low amounts of processed foods are eaten for those that are eating a paleo diet. A study was conducted that looked into the potential health benefits that this diet can have on heart health


The Paleo Diet and Heart Health

The study followed participants on an eight week journey. During this time they were asked to switch from their usual diet to a paleo one. They then took some health measures. What they found was amazing.

People who switched to a paleo diet for only eight weeks produced 35% more interlukin. This is a molecule that is produced by immune cells. It can lower the risk of heart attack in those who have high levels of inflammation. Essentially the paleo diet was protecting the people’s blood vessels.

Not only does interlukin work to protect against heart attack, it also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. On top of this the paleo diet followers also lost some weight on their diet change, a win win.


Switching to a Paleo Diet

The results of this study help to convince us that we need to make some changes. Even if we don’t follow the diet everyday perfectly, our diets of highly processed foods and red meat isn’t good for our heart health. By switching to this kind of diet some of the days out of the week we could be helping to keep our heart healthy while also keeping our waist lines in check.