Pathway to Diabetes is Unclear

Stress could help cause diabetesThe number of people that are diagnosed with diabetes seems to constantly be on the rise. usually the cause for diabetes is associated with obesity but there are plenty of people that develop the disease when they are not obese. Because of this it makes figuring out what causes diabetes a little harder.

A recent study has begun to look into what could be other causes that play into the development of diabetes.

New Diabetes Study

This new study in particular is following Chinese-American immigrants. This population has relatively low levels of obesity even after they have assimilated to the American culture. Yet, they are still developing diabetes.

This calls for science to begin to look into what effects that culture could have on the development of certain diseases. While eating habits remained relatively the same for those that immigrated, one thing did not. Their stress levels.

Stressful situations lead for a person to have more stress. Its well known that stress can actually leave the body open to developing disorders and other diseases. Now it is being suggested that the same can be said for diabetes.

Figuring out what is causing diabetes, or contributing to its onset can move away from putting blame on the patient. While obesity is preventable, other factors are not. Better understanding the disease can lead to better treatments and better prevention measures.