Preventing Excessive Gas in 2 Steps

Prevent excessive gas can be as easy as these two steps.Excessive gas can be embarrassing and can prevent you from having a comfortable day in public. Your gas can express itself in a variety of ways, each worse than the last. From burping to bloating to flatulence, excessive gas is annoying and uncomfortable.

Some gas after eating is completely normal. By now you should probably expect to experience that during your day. However, any painful, chronic, or horrible smelling gas is not normal. This is also the kind of excessive gas problems that you will be able to address realistically. There are two easy steps that you can take to help to try to prevent some of this excessive gas.


Step One: Avoid certain foods

If you know that your favorite food commonly gives you atrocious smelling gas, it may be time to get another favorite food. Apples, broccoli, pears, and onions are known to cause gas and can be removed from your diet if you find that they correlate with a large influx of gas. If you take these out though make sure that you are still getting your fruits and vegetables into your diet. Whole grains, milk, and ice cream can also cause gas though and may be harder for you to part with. It’s the sugar, fiber and starches in these foods that cause you to gain excessive gas. Consider eating them in smaller quantities or avoiding them entirely.


Step Two: Add these habits to mealtime

Drinking water 30 minutes before you eat can get your stomach juices flowing. It can help to improve your digestion and could help to prevent some of the gas from forming after you eat.

Eating and drinking slower will not only help you to feel fuller faster but it can also prevent you from swallowing extra air while you are eating. This extra air will eventually express its presence in the form of excessive gas. Slow down how fast you eat and take time to enjoy your food.

Believe it or not artificial sweeteners that you add to your food or that are in some of your processed foods can also be causing your excessive gas problem. Use natural sugar instead if you are adding some to your coffee or dessert. Also pay attention to see how your body reacts when you drink sodas or eat sugary snacks. You may need to replace these with some fruits or tea to avoid the artificial sugars.