Running could Burn Fat all Winter

Not everyone is a runner. But if I told you that running could help to burn fat all winter long you may reconsider this. It has been found that early morning runs could be the perfect workout to do if you are hoping to burn off the unwanted fat.

New research has been done that looks into the way that your body develops and handles its fat cells. Your body has two kinds of fat. Both white fat cells and brown fat cells. The brown fat cells is where your energy is stored. During the winter this energy is released to help keep your body warm. White fat cells do very little and really just hang around.

Irisin is a hormone thats works to burn fat. Your body produces it while you are exercising, quench’s the morning runs. When it comes into contact with white fat cells it actually helps to turn the white fat into brown fat. The brown fat then uses its own energy during your workout, allowing you to burn fat.

So at this point, your workout isn’t just burning calories, waking you up, or making you feel good. It is also working to burn fat. Sadly its not the only thing that you will need to do if you want to see results.


Stick to your work outs

One of the best ways to stick to your work outs is to plan ahead of time. Figure out when you will be able to squeeze in your workout and just do it! Set goals for yourself and stay motivated. Like with any work out plan, running to burn fat will take time. Find joy in knowing that you are working towards your goals and its only a matter of time before you actually start seeing your results.

Eat smart

Eat foods that will fuel your body rather then bring it down. Start to keep track of your daily food intake through a food journal. There are also plenty of apps that can help you to do this as well. They will help to keep you on track and prevent you from eating too much. While you are working to burn fat the last thing that you need to do is replace it by over eating or eating the wrong things.