Switching to a Plant Based Diet

Switching to a plant based diet in four stepsGoing from your typical Western diet to one that is plant based can be extremely difficult. Take each successful plant based meal as a triumph though. While this alone can be rewarding there are other ways that can make the process easier on you.

First Step: Learn

Learn as much as you can about having a plant based diet. This can mean reading articles or watching documentaries that pertain to veganism or the food industry. By learning all that you can you are enabling yourself to make an educated decision about your over all health and the impact it could have on the environment.

Second Step: Baby Steps

Just because you are cutting out meat, doesn’t mean that you have to change everything that you’ve been eating. Gather up your favorite recipes and looks at what you can change. These small simple baby steps towards a plant based diet can help to improve your success and limit the times that you may stray and eat meat.

Third Step: Adventure

Go to the store or spend some time online finding new recipes. There are hundreds of sites and books that are just waiting for you to find them. This also gives you an opportunity to find what will work best for you rather than following what worked best for someone else.

Fourth Step: Become a Gatherer

To prevent yourself from falling back on old habits make sure that you keep your house stocked with snacks that you can eat on the go or while you are hungry. There are snack bars that you can buy too that are vegan as well. Know which ones these are so when you are in a rush you can quickly pick one up and still be maintaining your new plant based diet.