Vitamin D Cream to Help Precancerous Skin

All summer long it is extremely common to be found at the beach or by the pool, soaking in the rays. Almost everyone wants to have that perfectly tanned skin that looks like its just been kissed by the sun. What some people don’t know is that they could be paying a high price for their tanned skin.

Actinic keratoses forms when the skin has been overly damaged by the sun’s UV rays. This irritating skin lesions that are too stubborn to heal will eventually turn into precancerous skin that will need to be treated medically. Luckily though, a new study has found a very effective way to begin to treat these areas of skin.


Fighting Precancerous Skin

Traditionally, chemotherapy ointments have been used to treat the areas. Doctors went in prescribed patients to use the cream for a number of weeks, during which time they would return for check ups to see how the precancerous skin was doing.

A recent study has suggested that a common cream used for psoriasis, when added to the chemotherapy cream may be even more effective in helping to treat against the precancerous skin.

Calcitriol is an active form of Vitamin D. It works to help the body to absorb calcium and phosphates. When calcipqotriol is combined with the traditional ointment it encourages an immune response in the cells of the precancerous skin.


How affective is it?

The study found that the new vitamin D cream when added with the old chemotherapy cream can help to reduce precancerous skin by nearly 60 percent. The number of sites where precancerous skin was found was reduced by nearly 88 percent while the chemotherapy cream only reduced the sites by 26 percent.

The study hasn’t offered any estimate on when this kind of treatment would be available to the public but it does offer some promising results for those that are hoping to reduce the amount of precancerous skin that they may seem starting to appear. One of the best ways to prevent these scaly skin patches from happening is to cover your skin up from the sun and to apply sunscreen.