Women’s Health Changes Under Donald Trump

Donald Trump means changes for women's healthIf you haven’t already stocked up on birth control pills or have gotten an IUD, now may be the time. President elect Donald Trump has nominated Representative Tom Price as secretary of Health and Human Services. When Trump was first elected it seemed that the Affordable Care Act was going to take a hit but this time its different.

Trump’s Potential Health Changes

While it seems that some of the Affordable Care Act will be safe, the new development in Health and Human Services could mean something different. We can now make more accurate guesses at to what could potentially happen to health for women around the country.

Price has never cast a pro-choice vote. The man is strongly anti-abortion and has earned himself a black mark at Planned Parenthood. Price would like to officially defund the federal program. Planned Parenthood does more than just offer contraception or abortions though. It has numerous other purposes that go far beyond this small field of reproductive health care.

He even made moves to make most forms of contraception to be determine as illegal. Thats not all though. Price has voted for “conscience clauses”. This means that doctors recommended reproductive health care measures based on their own opinions rather than what the patient actually wants. It seems that in the next four years that men will be able to make more decisions for a woman’ uterus then she will be.