Yo-yo Dieting is More Dangerous than you Think

Almost everyone has done it. Most people actually end up yo-yo dieting their entire lives. This is when you lose weight and then gain it back. This is typically done through crash course diets. The old habits you return to bring you back to that original weight. The original weight causes you to go back on the diet, continuing the cycle.

While most people know that being obese can increase your chances of developing certain diseases, the question remains as to if weight cycling does as well. To answer this question, studies were done that looked into yo-yo dieting and the affects that it could have on the body.


Yo-yo Dieting Study Results

The studies that were conducted looked into the affects of adult women gaining and losing weight. Specifically they wanted to find out if this kind of weight cycling could have effects on your heart and cardiovascular health.

Previous studies have already established that being overweight can increase your chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases, clogged blood vessels, and experiencing sudden cardiac death. Losing weight has been seen as decreasing these chances as you regain control of your health.  What was never studied was how gaining and losing could effect health.

The women that participated in this new study were all post-menopausal and were asked to report their weight histories. They were also asked to describe their weight as stable or unstable. For the sake of this study they were asked to identify if they had weight cycled at all, which is the gaining or losing of ten pounds. The results were not good for those that went through these cycling highs and lows.

For women who were normal weight but admitted to participating in yo-yo dieting they had an increased risk of sudden cardiac death that was 3.5 times higher than those who didn’t have weight cycling. Their risk for coronary heart disease was also higher.


Yo-yo Dieting Dangers

Women are more likely to experience weight cycling through their lives. The more often that this happens, the greater the risk of them developing diseases that are associated with obesity. Women that are at higher risks for these diseases may not realize the dangers because they appear to be healthy.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, change your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is the way to go if you are hoping to create a positive change for your life. Especially avoid diets that call for you to lose weight quickly. These are the most dangerous ones and will cause you to gain the weight back once you return to your normal diet. Adding exercise to your daily routine is the safest way to lose weight instead of cutting back on calories.